It all began in 2012 ...

  • Our founders Amit Goyal and Jagbir Singh , hit upon the MindNerves name in 2012. They took words MIND and NERVES, and put them together. Today - many years later - MindNerves is both the name and the idea behind the company. Mind is a key element in technology's growth and development, and nerves stimulates the imagination, the emergence of ideas, and creative expression. It is MindNerves philosophy that "togetherness of mind and nerves" enriches a technological process of evolution - and its subsequent maturity. A year later Vinod Porwal and Saurabh Gupta veteran technocrats joined core group of MindNerves to strengthen it backbone with real metal.

    With this in mind, the MindNerves Group has developed and marketed a wide range of products, all founded on the same basic philosophy of learning and developing True to its motto - Only the best is good enough - the our Group has emphasised the importance of high quality throughout, , ensuring that consumers/customer returns to our products/services again and again. At the same time the MindNerves system means that many thousands of building elements can be easily combined in innumerable ways. The more MindNerves bricks you have, the more fertile your creativity can become Technological play is an ever-changing world, and the company's product development and IT services departments therefore work systematically with the evolution of familiar play themes and product lines based on research among customer and market into things like IT habits, technological patterns and market drift and business conditions.

Our vision

MNT’s ability to help clients transform their businesses draws strength from an important fact: we embody the Future of Work. We were "born global" and we have a unique understanding of the emerging world of business. We are a virtual organization with leading-edge tools that facilitate collaboration across a global workforce. We are made up of millennial and we recognize the importance of this generation of workers and consumers. We live the future of technology and put the cloud, social media and other platforms to practical use every day — for our clients and ourselves.

What people say about us

  • “Loved to work with Mindnerves Team,they have got great exposure from Industry like working with Oracle & Amdocs , So I incorporate best market standards, lot of value addition and valuable suggestions..High quality, Best Value ” .
    Jose Ignacio Mendez (
  • “Mindnerves Technologies has been excellent in every respect. Would definitely hire them again.”
    Prashant Yadav (US-Virginia)
  • “This is the second time I hire this company for a large project: we are talking almost a year full time. Again I can say that this company is reliable enough for this kind of large project. When working with Offshore company it's so important to know that you get what you paid for. With constant communication with developer through all these months i'm confident enough in this company that I already rehired them for the third time. These Indian software companies with so energetic team are among the best from my experience. Developer assigned to my project did a great job: and delivered clean builds, with almost no bugs.”
    Govind Gurvani (director- The Expidition Co Ltd, Thailand)
  • A Unique approach to client service!
    Talented Team

    Client-First Mindset: At MNT, our clients come first. That has led us to create a business model designed to serve the needs - and achieve the goals - of our customers.

  • Providing technical support assistance!
    Software Vendors

    We specialize in designing, building, testing, refining and maintaining applications. We can also help you move from product-centric to service-driven business models..

  • Helping your business get back on its feet!
    Re-image your digital product

    We can help your online technology company or e-commerce operation with almost any task across the product engineering lifecycle.