Mindnerves Technology, Pune is starting up Corporate IT Training arm for fresher
graduates. Being an IT service company working since last 5 years, we have worked and
interviewed 1000s of fresher and we have observed a significant gap in what is `being
taught` and what is `needed` in the IT industries.
Mindnerves is technology partner to various fortune 500 companies across the globe, so
we understand IT need of the emerging technology market.
Mindnerves Technology is always known for it good work and great place to get exposure
especially for fresher's to start their careers in Information Technology. Our employees
are always far ahead with their peers when it comes to knowledge and exposure to most
valued technology.
Mindnerves will hire top 25% - 30%
candidates from each batch.
100% PLACEMENT Assistance.
Program certificate
Confidence to face interviews.
Thought process and fineness of
Enough technical appetite
Practical programming knowledge
Most valued technologies
(Angular 6+, Spring Boot, Hibernate,
REST / MVC architecture, SQL/No-SQL,
React Native, IONIC )
Real life project exposure
Inculcating thought process to
approach problems
Personal Attention, Personality
Development and personal counseling
Program is designed by industry experts keeping in mind that you not only get a job
but also stand out with your peers.
Industry experts with 20+ years of hands-on experience will mentor& train the
students and make them industry ready.
Decoding Course into WEEKS
WEEK 1 - Mastering Programming
First week we will focus on brushing
up basic programming concepts of
This involves crash course lecture on
the programming constructs.
Major emphasis in this week will be
laid over building up logics and how to
think and devise an algorithm.
Students will be asked to do lot of
programming assignment that will
strengthen their logics.
WEEK 2 – Wrestling Data
In first week training, we worked on
the strengthening logical ability. In
second week course will take one
step further in the logic building with
the data structures.
This week will focus on learning
various data structures like arrays,
stacks, queues, linked list, and trees
along with various techniques like
searching, hash tables, recursion,
and backtracking algorithms.
Students will be given lot of
assignments and practice exercises
that will help them to ingrain Data
WEEK 3 – Decoding Collection
This week we will delve into learning
Java Collections.
We have purposely deferred the
concepts of OOPS and core Java to
next week since we have been
learning data structures in previous
weeks and collections are very close
to Data Structures.
Hence to keep the flow and
continuity, we will emphasis on
Collection Framework this week.
Students will be asked to do lot of
assignments involving usage of Java
collections in algorithms.
WEEK 4 – Most Awaited OOPS
This week students will learn how to
visualize programming world in
object oriented way.
Since we will be covering Springs
Framework & Hibernate in
subsequent weeks, therefore it is
important to get the JAVA foundation
Our emphasis is to inculcate OOPS in
everything you think.
Lots of exercise & programming
assignments on OOPS concept.
WEEK 5 More Java, this time
In this week, students will be trained
to work on more advanced concepts
in JAVA which are frequently used in
enterprise application in Industry.
Focus will be on some of the most
common concepts of threading, task
scheduling & file processing.
Application of advanced concepts in
real world enterprise applications.
Students will be asked to do short
assignments on advanced concepts.
WEEK 7 Object Relational Mapping
In previous week, we learnt the
concepts of Spring, this week we will
learn Object Relational Mapping (ORM)
Concepts covering JPA and Hibernate.
Spring and Hibernate combination is
one of the widely adopted tech-stack in
IT companies. Students will learn about
Domain Driven Development and how
to think from database perspective.
Along with hibernate, we will
concentrate on concepts of RDBMS,
normalization and SQL. This week will
finally prepare student to handle
Backend Server Side Architecture
WEEK 8 Beginning of Client side
From this week our journey to
client side programming will start.
In this week we will briefly explain
JSP/Thymleaf and how it works
with Spring.
While working on JSP which is
view layer in MVC framework, we
will touch base on the concept of
Javascript and Jquery.
This week will be warm up on
Client Side technology that will
prepare us to do heavy lifting for
next few weeks.
Decoding Course into WEEKS
WEEK 9 Tryst with Angular
As market is now a days moving
aggressively towards client side
technology like Angular, React, Vue,
Redux , virtual DOM and what not, it
will take months to cover all these
It is a well proven fact that if one
knows one framework, other
framework can be picked up easily.
So our emphasis in this week is to
learn Angular 6 and Advance
concepts of Javascript.
In this and next week, we will be
learning client side technology and
concepts like DOM Structure ,
Javascript , Ajax, Event Handling,
Jquery, Selectors , Typescript.
WEEK 10 Diving deep into
This week we will go deep into
Angular 6 along with the concepts
like Routing, Component, Module
,RxStore, Shared Modules &
communication among
Student will be given short
assignment to build the frontend,
backend and Database and
communication between all the
At the end of the week, students
will be all geared up to handle End
to End Web Application.
WEEK 11, 12 & 13 Preparing for Big
Last three weeks, students will be given
assignment on the End To End Java &
Angular industry standard real life
Tech stack for the project will be
Angular 6, Spring Boot, hibernate and
MySQL Database.
Project is devised keeping in the mind
that students follow best practices which
are being adopted by IT industry in
development of large scale Enterprise
applications. Our tech leads will ensure
that student are aligning to standards
and best practices are followed.
WEEK 14& 15 Preparing for Buzz
It is equally important to be up to
date with the new edge
technologies, so in this week, we
will touch base on basic concepts
of AI, Machine Learning & Mobile
App Development.
Students will be given a short
projects like integration of web
application with Amazon Alexa.
Students will be given short
project on Machine Learning to
give them idea about ML.
Students will also get acquaint
iced with mobile app
development with short
programming exercise.
Decoding Course into WEEKS
Candidates to clear our screening test on logical reasoning and analytical skills.
Graduates / final year students from any computer & electronics stream.
Ready to put long hours in the program (this is not going to be a regular
training program).
Course fee for the program will be INR 35000/- inclusive of all taxes payable at the
start of the course.
Those interested please send your resume or basic details to
Everyday extempore sessions to build
confidence and improve communication
Frequent group discussion to eliminate
hesitations and gear up for interviews.
Presentations on technical topics by
students to boost presentation skills.
15 Weeks Extensive program
6 Days a week, 8 hours a day program
3 Days a week class room sessions
3 Days a week home assignments