How to choose an ERP consultant?

It is undeniable that no one knows your company and its processes better than you. Similarly, no one has a better understanding of business management systems than an expert who deploys and develops it over the long term. The most critical and vital factor in the implementation of an ERP is the coordination, and partnership between a consulting project team and clients.

It is the job of a consultant to analyze and understand the needs of the company. In the same context, they also evaluate potential long-term ERP solutions for business management. An ERP consultant takes care of everything, from the choice of the appropriate system, its organization, its customization, its testing and refinement during the different phases of the project.

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What is ERP software?

ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning software is now becoming the norm in more and more companies. Designed to help companies in their management, their activities, and ultimately their development, they make it possible to coordinate the different facets of the company whether on the accounting or financial level as well as the HR or logistics plan. 

Real management aid which is also called ERP for Integrated Management Software in India, ERP is able to centralize all the data necessary for the operation of the company. In this logic, it is, therefore, necessary for many companies to find a consultant particularly suited to this type of solution.

What is an ERP consultant?

Professional solutions that, initially, remain complex to implement. Not so much in terms of process but in terms of adaptation. It is first necessary to find the software or software adapted to the company to then deploy the required personnel.

Thus the ERP consultant will establish himself as the inherent expert in these software solutions. It will thus be able to revolve around the customer need, and finally the entire business part, as well as around the technical assistant or the digital transition. All these points should allow companies to deploy adapted solutions for growth and a boosted e-reputation.


Why choose an ERP consultant?

If the ERP consultant helps in the implementation of this type of solution, his role remains much more consistent. Indeed, he sets himself up as a particular expert in a certain type of field. An area that will be the focal point of his work but not only.

Its role will be above all to provide the right solutions to the company to make the most of the data of ERP solutions. Synthetically and ERP consultant will help to:

  • Choosing the most suitable ERP software: indeed, it remains complex for many professionals to choose ERP software. In this logic, the consultant will help companies to find and determine the most suitable solution for the company and its needs.
  • Save time: always in this logic of productivity, the ERP consultant will have a global vision of the solutions that can be provided by this type of process. So it often saves you, weeks of work upstream, and can start on a solution little or not adapted. The time saved here will be considerable.
  • Have a complete vision of the market: in the extension, the ERP consultant will be able to guide and advise you at all times thanks to his global and complete vision of the market. Here you will have a new point of view, often total that will allow you to dominate sectors and areas often little or not exploited.
  • To adapt the individual person offer: always in this logic of services, the ERP consultant will help you to create and adapt to your market. Customization for each company where the consultant will intervene. Everything is done on a case-by-case basis, and the needs of the company are put in synergy with the ERP software once chosen. A tailor-made approach in short.

So many points today make it possible to make ERP consultants major players in the development of the company. Expert consultants who will address VSEs as well as SMEs as well as multinationals.

The expertise here will be inherent in the company and the pedagogical will be very precise. The idea is to bring the chosen ERP software to its maximum with the company, in the short and medium term. In the long term and depending on the development of the company, new solutions can always be chosen with a view to growing the company.

In short, the ERP consultant is the central point of a company’s growth through a digital transformation.

What are the criteria for choosing an ERP consultant?

First of all, it will be necessary to choose an ERP consultant. A consultant will have to be evaluated on different specific points. Points from which:
  • Listening: you will always have to select your consultants on the understanding of the project they have. That is to say, their ability to listen to you, to understand your requests, and to calibrate your ambitions, your budgets, and your company in short. Listening here remains essential, you should never favor a consultant who imposes his vision of things. On the other hand, you will have to turn to those who know how to create a lasting and lasting relationship while bringing you and your company.
  • Availability and responsiveness: always in a logic of growth and therefore productivity, choosing a good ERP consultant will have to be done on the basis of communication. Availability should be a fundamental point especially if your business is subject to various constraints and unforeseen flows. Responsiveness will also go in this direction: favor reactive and proactive consultants, which will make your relationship with ERP software real assets against your competitors.
  • Expertise and pedagogy: two extremely related points. Indeed, if the expertise and knowledge of the proposed software remain important, it will also be necessary to link this aspect with the transmission of knowledge that can be brought through a quality consultant. For this reason, it will be important to find an expert consultant able to go into a pedagogical approach more than useful for the teams in place wishing – they too – to tackle ERP solutions.
  • Proximity: in a final logic, proximity remains important. An ERP consultant who can move quickly will obviously have more assets than a consultant located several hundred kilometers away.
So many points to consider when choosing your ERP consultant. A consultant who will have to above all, and this is the fundamental point: to listen to your company. Always in the logic of growth.

Why choose an ERP consultant with MindNerves Technology?

MindNerves Technology is first and foremost expertise that no longer needs to be proven on the market. Knowledge of the ERP markets makes it a leading company in the field. With its ability to help its customers, MindNerves Technology is able to help you choose your ERP consultants on 3 specific points:
  • Freedom of choice: here you can choose the most suitable consultant for your company. Here you will have ease of choice. You will be guided within your career to find a professional who will perfectly meet your expectations.
  • A suitable solution: in this vein, you will have a tailor-made solution. A solution that will be able to answer your problem and support your company in its development. A service adapted in short to what you want to do with an ERP for your company.
  • Taking into account the evolution of the company: Finally, the evolution over time of your company will be at the heart of our consultant. You will be supported through growth, and the new challenges offered to your company. Support at all times is essential for the success of a digital transition.
In short, MindNerves Technology allows you to choose the best ERP consultant on the market, by offering you tailor-made solutions. Ideal solutions that will save you time, and will allow you to evolve in a logic of growth in the short, medium, and long term. In the end, choosing an ERP consultant using MindNerves Technology means having the assurance of choosing the right Company. A reactive person, attentive, but above all with expertise that is no longer to be demonstrated in a sometimes complex environment. Of course and this is perhaps the real added value, the transmission of our knowledge and our knowledge will be at the heart of our exchange with you and your company. Need help with your ERP software implementation? Talk to one of our experts.