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client MakerSite - agile product life cycle

MakerSite – agile product life cycle

Identify new markets for B-to-B or life-science products or optimize ingredients of existing ones. Data-driven product cost estimates from first designs and optimization for margin improvement.
client Compliatrics


Compliance Management CRM.
client Unitic telecom

Unitic telecom

UniDB TEM SaaS application gives you the ability to monitor, optimise and control your telecom costs. We provide control, processing and uploading of data. You focus on their analysis.
client OnTrackCRM


OntrackCRM is state-of-the-art technology and developed powerful marketing tools to give agents the #1 rated lead generation platform ever developed. Prior to the onTrack platform, agents had to rely on other services to deliver sub-par real estate leads at exorbitant costs. Today, onTrack puts these powerful tools right in the real estate agent's own hands. These easy to use tools have generated thousands of buyer and seller leads for onTrack users.
client Daocloud - Portal For Health Practitioners

Daocloud – Portal For Health Practitioners

Find wellness practitioners across the United States
MindNerves dashboard for the work flow of the clients

Workflow Management

Hoto Application is build to define and automate the process of the Windmill installation at customer site. This project is internal to Suzlon process and is guided my series of workflow and complex approval process
client Unyque


Unyque is a global video production platform that offers high-quality video production services at affordable rates. From simple 2D animated videos to complex live-action shoots in multiple locations, Unyque can get it done with its global talent pool of freelance directors, videographers, animators.
Loan Eligibility Workflow

Loan Eligibility Workflow

Various complex rules and workflow to check the eligibility of the applicant applying for a loan
client African Leadership University

African Leadership University

client CommissionTrac


CommissionTrac offers a seamless commercial real estate commission tracking software that is customized to your brokerage.
client Quidkstart Assistance App

Quidkstart Assistance App

App targeting consumer who purchases appliance and need assistance
client Human Resource Management System

Human Resource Management System

client Taxhelpr

Taxhelpr – B2C Portal for E-Tax Filling & Company registration

File Income Tax Returns for Financial Year online. Taxhelpr is fast, safe and easy for ITR E-Filing. Taxhelpr handles all cases of Income from Salary, Interest Income, Capital Gains, House Property, Business and Profession. Maximize your deductions by handling all deductions under Section 80 & the rest.


Customized fully ERP fpr PCB manufacturers
client Qualzz


Qualzz provides holistic view all your active campaigns in a calendar format. View your online visitors on a map from around the world in real time. Customize to monitor and analyze operational metrics to meet the specific needs of your business.