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Our Partners

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IT Development Services

We provide end-to-end IT services to support technology innovation across the industries.
Team members desiging the Mobile application

B2B Application Management Solutions

Our outcome-driven application management services integrate next-generation technology with the existing business landscape.

Cloud Solutions

Leverage our cloud management services and solutions to lower the overall software and infrastructure ownership cost.

Manufacturing Solutions

Our ERP and WCM solutions help customers to manage everything from accounting and CRM to supply chain management and purchasing.

Technology Solutions

We are constantly upgrading our technology stack may it be in React, React Native, Golang, .Net Core, Java, or Node JS

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Our Area of Expertise

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Managing IT infrastructure​

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Development computer system​

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In-depth expertise​

Personalized Services According To Your Needs


Having the necessary know-how and skills, MindNerves Technology puts at your disposal experts in different IT fields to provide you with the services for the realization of your IT development projects.


Being also an IT consulting company, MindNerves Technology offers you a wide range of consulting and assistance services such as the development of master plans, development of specifications, assistance with project management, IT audit, and others.

Design & development

Our specialists take care of the study, design, development, transformation, and maintenance of your applications, collaborating with our quality department to ensure you the most suitable solutions and help you master your software.


Do you need an integrated ERP?
MindNerves Technology is your ally to provide you with a fully efficient ERP and allow the optimization of the management process of your structures.

Our IT Company specializes in Cloud, DevOps, and Security. We intervene at the heart of the technological transformation of our customers, from design to production security.

MindNerves Technology is a leading provider of cloud solutions. Our mission is to bring the best information technology experience by creating simple and convenient solutions for businesses and people. 
MindNerves Technology specializes in providing a new generation of IT services and offers its customers cloud solutions for business with full technical support from project start to launch. A wide range of popular cloud computing models is at your service, which will become an element of the transformation of your enterprise and will help you effectively solve the problems of optimizing business processes. We provide our customers with our experience and expertise to support them in the search for the most innovative and best-in-class solutions.

The MindNerves Technology company has extensive experience in IT technologies and guarantees the high quality of the services provided. We will help you choose the most efficient cloud infrastructure and implement it into your enterprise by integrating all available data and applications. Each client is provided with complete project support, including:

  • consulting
  • developing a strategy that meets the needs of your company
    customization for specific tasks
  • Optimization and improvement of systems and applications
  • Cloud technology management

Why Choose Us

Our values​

Excellence, responsibility, benevolence, commitment, and positivism. Our company was built on these core values and they resonate at all levels within our teams. We recruit our colleagues based on their values rather than focusing on pure technical skills. These values are the foundation of the positive and constructive atmosphere at MindNerves Technology.


We build true relationships of trust with our clients, based on a pragmatic, long-term, and results-oriented approach. Each customer is unique and is treated as such. We spend a lot of time analyzing your business goals in order to develop a long-term vision on how to add value to your business.

Our results​

Are you looking for qualitative results? That is our main objective. We are committed to providing you with results and we will never stop until we have achieved them. Our annual surveys show consistently high satisfaction rates through our results-based approach.

Our know-how​

Our teams master a wide range of technologies, which allows us to stand out in the market. We offer innovative and efficient solutions. Our IT teams have extensive skills, from IT systems and networks to the Cloud and complex infrastructures. This combination of technical skills is one of the reasons why you will enjoy working with us.

More than 10 years of experience​

We have more than 10 years of experience. Over the years, we have recorded continuous and steady growth with consistently positive results. We are a healthy and stable company, which is positive for you too. You will work with a partner you can count on in the future.

ERP Offered By MindNerves

MindNerves essential ERP is above all a synonym for performance, cost, and resource optimization. This software ensures functional coverage in the majority of management areas and organizations as well as the implementation of processes, to meet all your needs. The ERP solution also allows:
    • The construction of independent or integrated modular computer applications around the same database.
    • The use of a workflow engine allows the automation of management process tasks and their achievements through the different modules of the system.
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Our Agile Process

Adoption of Agile project development methodology allows us to achieve much more effective results.
  • Research

  • Plan

  • Design & Develop

  • Test & Measure

  • Launch & Optimize

Team member discuss over the Client requirements


  • Track requirements as user stories
  • Engage customer right from the beginning
  • Late changing requirements are welcome


  • Use best tools and processes for planning
  • Perform estimation
  • Adopt agile approach and plan sprints
  • Prioritize requirements from backlog
Team planning the Software Development process
Team develop the Software

Ready to develop

  • Create stunning design
  • Solve and discuss problems
  • Identify roadblocks
  • Communicate status
  • Develop and implement

Law of Destruction

  • Think and test destructively
  • Gather feedback to design and develop better
Team test the Software for better Security
Team Launch the Software

Deliver & Demonstrate

  • Deliver valuable software early and continuously
  • Deliver working software frequently every few weeks rather than in months
  • Retrospect and move to next set of requirements
  • Starts cycle again

Meet The Team

Get to know the hardworking minds behind the successful brand
Amit Goyal ceo MindNerves
Amit Goyal
Co-Founder (CEO)
Vinod Porwal co-founder MindNerves
Vinod Porwal
Jagbir Singh co-founder MindNerves
Jagbir Singh
Haresh Gujarathi - Business Developer, co-founder MindNerves
Haresh Gujarathi
Business Developer, Co-Founder
Rohit Gupta
Rohit Gupta
Sales - Client Engagement

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